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MACEIÓ: 5 reasons to enjoy the Paradise of Waters

The most beautiful urban beaches in Brazil are there. Sun all year round. Walk on the beach, handicraft fair, regional food, Maceió is one of the most sought after destinations in northeastern Brazil.

The reasons are many, but we have selected 5 Reasons for you to Enjoy the Summer in the paradise of Waters.

A quiet city, great for strolling along the beach and enjoying the best of the Brazilian coast.

1 - The Urban Coast

the coast that includes the beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca is one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Sea of ​​crystalline waters, all excellent for bathing, in front of the main hotels of the city, full of tourists strolling day and night, will surely make you miss the summer.

2 - The Coconut Sea of ​​Gunga Beach

The look is impressive. The sea of ​​crystalline waters meets a sea of ​​coconut trees on one of the largest coconut farms in Brazil. Arriving at Gunga Beach, in the entrance there is a Mirante where you can enjoy this amazing view.

3 - The HandiCraft

The creativity of the terrinha has in the crafts one of its greatest expressions. Handbags, shoes, bedding, table and bath everything done in the manual loom.

Products made by artisans, but also named after great fashion artists such as stylist Fernando Perdigão and stylist Martha Medeiros, is also with stores in São Paulo, where he wears the most popular celebrities and all those who recognize the new luxury coming from Alagoas handicrafts.

4 - Gastronomy

The cuisine is really another strong point, very strong, of Maceió and region. Shredded Sun Meat, Macaxeira (Couscous), Couscous, Shrimp, Lobster, Sururu all done with great mastery and an unrivaled flavor - just being there to recognize!

Alagoas cuisine has already been the subject of several gastronomy programs and recently had as a participant in MasterChef Brasil (professionals) the cooks Paulo Quintela, the restaurant Aratu (excellent !!!!!!) and Simone of the Peruvian restaurant Wanchako (fantastic !!) .

In addition to these there are a dozen other restaurants that a gastronomic trip needs to know: Akuaba, Divina Gula, Maria Antoineta, all with peculiarities that are worth staying for a few more days just to not miss any fork.

5 - The Parties

The year-end beach parties are buzzing all over Brazil, but in Maceió, in addition to burning fireworks on the beach, the city has several other private parties with national and international attractions. Late last year (2018/2019) had a party with DJ Jopin and ALOK.

The hotels are crowded, and most of them overlook the fireworks display on the beach.

More about Maceió:

is the capital of Alagoas, Brazil. The name "Maceió" is an Indigenous term for a spring. Most maceiós flow to the sea, but some get trapped and form lakes ("lagoas", in Portuguese).

There are numerous maceiós and lakes in this part of Brazil; because of this, the city was named Maceió, and the state, Alagoas. The new Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport connects Maceió with many Brazilian cities and also operates some international flights. The city is home to the Federal University of Alagoas.


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