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Beautiful Boutique Hotel in Camps Bay - Cape Town

located on Camps Bay beach, Atlanticview Cape Town is a hotel full of charm and taste.

Do you know those places that have a beautiful view and would not need much to make anyone open-mouthed? And if in addition to a truly spectacular view we could find a charming hotel, cozy, beautiful, and with great taste in detail? The Atlanticview Cape Town Exclisive Boutique is it all.

A beautiful, charming hotel in the best area of ​​Cape Town, the beach of Camps Bay.

We were in town a few days ago and already stayed in different hotels, including to get to know the hotel chain in South Africa. For the final of our trip, I chose the Atlanticview, a boutique hotel with sea and mountain views. A charming suprise. The Hotel is much better than we could imagine.

In the middle of South African winter and the Atlanticview gives us a wonderful view of the bay of Camps Bay.

We were in doubt whether the hotel would be away from the sea, or in a region away from the sights. And to our surprise the hotel is located on a charming street, in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, next to beautiful residential houses, with an impressive view of Table Mountain and the sea.

The sea at our feet.

If you can choose, opt for the penthouse, where we stayed. A large suite with private terrace, a great puff ideal for enjoying the view of the sea to two or with friends.

The place is filled with good taste. Details that make a difference even for the most inattentive. Its different levels provide a peculiar architecture. From the bed to the view of the ocean, the pool. Room service is one more detail. Very kindly to the owners to send a list with the best indications of the city, in the smallest details, including with a classification of what they personally like most in the city, making our stay even more enchanting.

It is a boutique hotel to amaze.

What I liked the most:

the good taste of decoration, details, architecture,

the location (despite being on a high point of Camps Bay);

the service of all is exceptional;

The view from anywhere in the hotel is incredible (one of the best in town);

the list with indications of restaurants in the room;

the list of attractions that you can do from the hotel (with the driver): safari, wine tastings, etc.

the bathroom design with sea view;

- the hotel has only 9 suites;

Why choose this hotel:

- it's worth it if you're thinking of a beautiful, comfortable hotel with great service, incredible views;

To whom would you indicate:

- to my best friends!

- who wants to surprise someone;

- honeymoon trip;

- travel with friends of good taste;

- those looking for comfortable rooms and unique moments of lodging;

- anyone looking for exceptional service;

To whom it would not indicate:

- who want to be within walking distance of tourist attractions like Waterfront, downtown.

- how the Atlanticview solved this question: making available a private transfer with a driver to any part of the city and with great prices;


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