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Camps Bay or Waterfront: Where to Stay in Cape Town, South Africa

Camps Bay is a lovely place, Waterfront the largest gastronomic complex. Camps has a beautiful sunset by the ocean, Waterfront has shopping, boating and even helicopter tours. Not a difficult decision: if you are looking to stay in large hotel chains and stay really close to the most tourist attraction in town then your place is the Waterfront area. But if you are looking for a boutique hotel or maybe an apartment for rent, sea view, and walks with feet in the sand, opt for Camps Bay

The #Waterfront region is a large tourist complex in the city's port region. Totally transformed into a large mall, ideal for trips with children, for those who like to be where everything is concentrated with the structure of large hotel chains.

There are from the famous Cape Grace hotel to international networks like the Radisson. In a brief survey on you will realize that these hotels are very close and all well located in the Waterfront area.

Giant Wheel on the Waterfront

Already the Camps Bay area is a beach continuation of the lithuanian avenue that goes to the Waterfront. That is, the two regions are close. The tour bus, for example, follows daily from one region to another proving that these are regions much sought after by visitors.

Camps Bay has a beautiful view of #TableMountain, fine white sand, bars and restaurants by the sea, a beautiful sunset. It is more boutique style, smaller and cozier hotels, also with options of houses and apartments for rent. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent choice of lodging in Cape Town. It is also one of the safest regions of the city, full of mansions even rising towards Table Mountain. You will hardly find a bad spot there.

  • Waterfront: ideal for family travel, with kids, large groups.

  • Camps Bayideal for travel with friends, couple. More casual people, who want to stay closer to the beach.

  • Comments:

  • a waterfront uber for Camps Bay cost R88 (eighty-eight rands);

  • has great restaurants in both places;

  • In Camps Bay you will be more in touch with nature (beach and mountain).

  • the hop on hop off bus passes both places easily;

  • The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay is super well located and sea front (I was there in August 2018);

  • the Atlanticview Boutique Hotel Cape Town (fantastic! I've been there in August - 2018) is just minutes from the sea - the hotel has a driver (paid) to take you anywhere in the city.


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