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Lisbon by Region: where to stay

The capital of Portugal has a lot to offer for different types of travelers. But it is not so easy to choose where to stay.

Most hotels in Lisbon are in the region of Av. Liberdade; Princípe Real; Alfama; Bairro Alto; Bethlehem, but these regions, although relatively close, are quite different. While Av Liberdade has traditional hotels and quiet lodging, in Bairro Alto the constant bustle of the city indicates lodging for those who like to be close to bars, restaurants and other more funky spaces.

In this post I make a summary with decisive details to choose where to stay in Lisbon. I only wrote about the regions that I have been staying in the city sometimes! Although the others also have great lodging options.

Here are the different neighborhood-to-neighborhood experiences:

Ideal for those who are in the car: Marques de Pombal (Eduardo VII Park)

This region is where large hotels like the Intercontinental, Sana Rex, the Ritz, Eurostars, the Sheraton and many others are concentrated. As it was not my first time in the city and I needed a hotel with parking facilities (parking in certain areas of the city can be very complicated), I opted for the recently opened Iberostars.

The location of the hotel is good, but I confess that I like to stay very close to the attractions that I planned to live in the city. When I saw that the Hotel Iberostars was a few meters from the Marques de Pombal square and also from Av. Liberdade I found the region very nice. You can walk to the Princípe Real area too, that is, it is as if you were at the beginning of one region and the front was everything, the whole city. (more about Iberostar HERE).

The Hotel surprised me positively. Staff excellent, including very well trained as other hotels in the network, including the Iberostar that exists in Bahia. We were offered other possibilities of lodging, up grades and they presented us the breakfast. For me, one of the best breakfasts in Lisbon in variety, quality, service. Very good rooms with modern design. (more on HERE).

Region where there are big hotels and some networks: Av. Liberdade

This region is one of the most traditional 5 star hotels in the city. Often compared to the Champs Elysee in Paris, more by the famous brand stores than by the architecture. Av. Da Liberdade is an extensive tree-lined avenue and one of the city's main landmarks.

You can walk along Avenida da Liberdade, which runs from Praça do Marquês de Pombal to Restauradores square (right in the center of Lisbon near Chiado). The Liberdade region is ideal for those who are driving as there are many parking lots along the length of the avenue. 5 star hotels, theaters, shops and the proximity to the center are details in choosing for this region.

At Avienida Liberdade, I met Hotel Tivoli (the same group as Mofarrej in São Paulo) and Hotel Bessa, which also has a delicious breakfast.

Ideal region for those who want to enjoy the night: Chiado, Bairro Alto and Princípe Real

These are three neighborhoods very close and very similar. Chiado is the most touristic district of the city, where there is a great movement of people in the streets, mainly in the Rua Garret in the stretch that goes from the square Camões to the mall Armazém Chiado. It is a great place to be initially in contact with the city, for those who want to stay close to shops, restaurants (there are the most famous in the city such as #BairrodoAvillez, the #Salgadeiras, #Almrestaurante, #SacramentoDeChiado, #SeaMePeixariaModerna e many others.

In the street Garret has many apartments that are worth the stay. Traditional on the outside, inside are modern and complete for days in the Portuguese capital. I stayed at the Garret48 for a few days and felt very much at home. A modern hotel - apartment, easy access, elevator, living room, bathroom with amenities, spacious, excellent bed and in the heart of Chiado. It was all very close! There is no parking, but you can park in front of the building according to the times allowed. Learn more about Garret48 AQUI.

The Bairro Alto is next to the Chiado, in the ascent towards the Miradouro de Santo. It is, along with the Alfama the most bohemian and hectic neighborhoods of the city. The night in the upper district goes far. There are many hotels and apartments in this area. Av. Da Misericória is the main street that goes around the neighborhood, extending from the Camões square to the Mirador São Pedro de Alcântara in the Principe Real.

At Av. Da Misericórdia there are excellent 5 star hotels, such as The Lumiares excellent ambience, two entrances (one to Av. Da Misericórdia and another to Bairro Alto). The hotel even has a rooftop with a beautiful view of the city.

In this region I was also able to meet the 9 Hotel Mercy. Modern design, more sober environment and excellent location and staff. A good option for those who want to stay in the heart of the hustle and bustle.

It is in Principe Real that there are the original restaurants that take the name of renowned chefs, such as Cevicheria, Asian, Prego da Peixaria, ZeroZero and several others. It is a region of few hotels. One stands out, the Memmo Princípe Real (where I stayed in Lisbon for the first time). An impeccable boutique hotel. Services, design, rooms, in short, one of the best in Lisbon.

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