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Restaurant in Cape Town: Traditional South African Fillet with Mushrooms

South Africa: At The Capital Mirage Hotel, the restaurant in the Catte Baron lobby has an excellent menu. Special highlight for the fillet mushrooms (fillet mushrooms) a juicy tender filet mignon with a spectacular sauce. Accompany fries or mashed potatoes (or other choice) super well served.

On the menu you also have the option of the same filet to share (2 people) This is a great option too. We tasted them both and they are fabulous! One of the best we tasted in town.


the fillet cost 215 Rands;

the service is excellent and the environment causal;

do not charge for the homemade bread couver;

take advantage of the rooftop view of #TheCapitalMirage and enjoy 360 views of Cape Town.


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